George Clinton Atomic Dog Analysis

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In January 1982 "Atomic Dog" was born. "Atomic Dog" is said to be one of the most influential songs of the rap and hip-hop era. It is also known as the funk anthem. It was written by songwriters David Spradley, Garry Shider and George Clinton. It would later be released as a single for George Clintons upcoming album "Computer Games." The song was recorded without a score. A score for the song would come years after the release of the song. Clinton recorded the entire song and the vocal tracks the same night. The album Computer Games was released under Capitol Records, who at that held the sound recording copyright to the album. Clinton, Spradley, and Shider would later transfer their right to Bridgeport Music Inc. It has been said that not only "Atomic Dog" but most of George Clinton 's work is notable for the style of rap. His style of rap has been made famous by artists such as Snoop Dog, Dr. Dre and many more.
The song "D.O.G. in me" was written by songwriter Felony Davis. "D.O.G in me" was released on the album All Work, No Play by the rap group Public Announcement. All Work, No Play is the group 's second album. Off of that album, they would score their first and only top five hit. The album was released under A&M Records that would later turn in to a division of Universal Records. In the song "D.O.G in me" there is the use of the word "dog" in a low voice, it is used as musical punctuation, there is rhythmic panting and the phrase "Bow Wow Bow Wow Wow, Yippie Yo,

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