George Clooney: An Influential Humanitarian And Person

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George Clooney is an influential humanitarian and person. He goes out of his way, extremely often to give back to others in any way he possibly can. His decision, to go beyond, in the help he was providing for many charities was an incredibly generous and kind. With the wealth he has collected over the years he has donated many millions of dollars all across the globe. People know George Clooney as an actor, screenwriter and director. But not many people know, how over the years he has been focused on helping people in Sudan who suffer from Poverty as well as being an active member in many charities. George Timothy Clooney was born on May 6th, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky. He is married to Amal Clooney who is an active humanitarian as well. When in school, Clooney earned all A’s and B’s. As a child, Clooney was very athletic. He stared on his basketball and baseball teams. He tried out for the Cincinnati Reds, but was cut first round. His acting career flourished when he got a job to play Dr. Doug Ross on the unbelievably famous show ER. From there it only got better for Clooney, he got a turn to star as Batman in, Batman and Robin in 1997. He later came to win three Golden Globes, and two Academy Awards. All Golden Globe Awards were achieved for his prenominal…show more content…
George Clooney was arrested for protesting the Sudanese government. George Clooney along with his father were protesting the government’s treatment of their own citizens, particularly the ongoing blockade of humanitarian aid to the southern part of the country where food was necessary. Rain could easily cause famine to the people. This is an example of George Clooney impacting the world through his humanitarianism. He has been working with this country for years and he took a stand to fight for what he believes in. He was also named the United Nations Messenger Of Peace in 2008. Which shows the impact he has had on the
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