George Corell Argumentative Essay

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George Corell influenced me as a reader by driving me to understand his actions, the author’s purpose, and how making bad choices leads to consequences. Due to Corell’s work for Nazi’s, he lost his friendship he had obtained for so long in his town. Corell chose to abandon his friends for what he believed in and soon became part of the Invader’s side. Therefore, helping him towards the path of becoming the Mayor. Aiding the opposition only satisfied his need to take control of the town to become the Mayor. His relationships with the people from the town became strained, but Mayor Orden most of all was disappointed and angry at him. ‘The Mayor repeated, “I do not wish to speak in this gentleman’s presence.”’(Steinbeck, 13) This shows that the Mayor is outraged that one of his own people compromised the safety of many innocent citizens. The reason for Corell turning against the town was for personal contentment and made him a step closer to becoming the Mayor.’Corell said angrily, “I work for what I believe in! That is an honorable thing.”’ (Steinbeck, 13) He did whatever he had to do to succeed, even turning his own people in for his selfish reasons. “Well you must have a civil authority you can trust. I thought perhaps that Mayor Orden might step down now and—well, if I were to take over his office,…show more content…
However, unlike Corell I do not act on my temptations and at the end, I always end up picking the good side. This is because I can never imagine hurting those that I love. Corell is a betrayer, however, I, on the other hand am not. Corell and I may have minor similarities, but our differences in personality are what really sets us apart. I do agree that Corell saying he betrayed the townspeople because it was what he believed in. On the contrary, I simply do not believe in hurting those who have stood with me during my hardest times and throwing them like they did not matter at
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