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When Cronin’s wife feels that life has a deeper meaning and she has a purpose because she survived the accident. This was the version 2 of the meaning of life that Cronin states, “possesses an organized pattern of meaning. Grief means something, joy means something, love means something.” The author's thinking matches with his version 1, which was “Life is a series of accumulations—friends, lovers, children, memories, the contents of your 401(k)—followed by a rapid casting off (i.e., you die).” Therefore, even after the accident Cronin does not feel the need to practice Christianity. The author blames the events that played out in his life. First, the author says, “My Catholic upbringing was halfhearted and unfocused, but it made an impression” -By “impression,” this quote also shows that he believed in god, just not all the teachings being taught by the church- and when Cronin’s wife and kids try attending church, they do not feel satisfied. Second the author has not been traumatized by any of the events in his life. Therefore, he did not feel the obligation of practicing a religion. His life events followed: promoted job; his writing was making profits; …show more content…

Therefore, the daughter chooses not to believe in god or any religious practices. After the accident, as everyone states it is a “miracle,” the daughter feels partly confused by everyone's reaction. Also, she feels that she was being forced to accept god and religion, all the sudden. Especially, when their neighbor say, “God protected you. You know that, don’t you?” The feeling of being forced makes the daughter hide in her closet. But at the end of the essay, the author reveals to her father why she behaved that way, by saying she felt, “Abandoned.” The daughter expected her parents to say something to those people who were forcing religion on her. Because all her life she had the freedom of believing in god or

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