George Dawson: Eulogy For Big Brother

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1- George Dawson has many admirable traits. He had a hard life because of others, but he was not bitter. He worked his hardest. Even though, he would not be promoted. George didn't let age stop him from learning. He acted as a motivator to his children. He treated everyone fairly when they cheated him. George has more character than most people could ever hope to have. 2- Even the littlest things can bring pleasure to people. Some of the tiniest things can make a world of difference for some people. For example, George Dawson loved his mother’s biscuits. I think in my life the tiniest thing that makes me happy is research. It has helped me through hard times. Research makes me happy. Is that weird? Maybe so, but it is the smallest thing that makes me happy. 3- America was built on equality, but is it really …show more content…

Because most of his life he didn’t know how to read, he had to adapt. He was also down to earth and hardworking. George was very honest,too. George knew how to act and did everything above and beyond. He vas a millionaire in character even though he was very poor. 8- If i were a younger student i would have been inspired by George Dawson. His life-long love of learning and willingness to learn makes him so inspiring. It makes the other students say if George can do it so can I. He was wanting to learn something so late in his life that was so difficult to learn. He went through his life without learning something so essential. 13- Most people think of writing a book. However, I have never entertained the idea of writing a book as George Dawson did. If i had to write one, it would probably be called Data, Kittens, and Puns. It certainly wouldn't be a very interesting book, but it would still be a book. The book would mostly be made up of data and puns about said data or other things. Writing a book would certainly not be for me hi I enjoyed

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