George Eastman's Impact On The Film Industry

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George Eastman once said “ What we do during our working hours determined what we have, what we do in our leisure hours determines what we are.” Eastman was named after his father that started a mini business school that George would stay stay and observed his fathers teaching. By watching his father for a number of years, he gained the knowledge of running a business and therefore, allowing him to create his own. There was one day, when Eastman was older and planning to take a trip across the country and take pictures of everything and anything but the equipment was too heavy and tedious to set up. He never followed through with the trip but he did invest in all of the equipment. This all prompted him to create easier means of taking photographs…show more content…
Distribution, in turn, needed the support of strong advertising. From the beginning, he imbued the company with the conviction that fulfilling customer needs and desires is the only road to corporate success” (Adams).Eastman was more impacted on the satisfaction of the customer rather than anything else, which, led to more success and other companies wanting to make their customers as happy. There soon was competition with other film companies, like Fujifilm, which led to competition but ultimately allowed for other business to watch how Eastman handled everything.The Kodak business headed towards a downfall that could have been prevented but showed other companies that their product is able to go out of “style”. “Kodak mismanaged its investment in digital cameras, overshooting the market by trying to match performance of traditional film rather than embrace the simplicity of digital” (Anthony 2).With the arise of digital photography, there was not as much as a demand for film. An employee that worked for Kodak created the first prototype for the digital camera, but it was not deemed a threat for the company until it was too late, causing he company to…show more content…
Photography was able to be loved and a placed in the art category. “A number of serious amateur photographers reacted to the snapshot craze by forming organizations dedicated to promoting photography as a fine art, rather than as a popular pastime or commercial pursuit” (Fineman 4).People saw photography as a big deal and wanted it to be more recognized, therefore people wanting it to be in the fine art category. It was also a way for people to form groups for their similar interest and to better each other. Cinematography was able to be introduced to the world due to the invention of roll film.“Eastman 's invention of the celluloid roll film boosted the photography and motion picture industry by making videography possible with the help of Edison” (Monkeyshine 3). Edison created the first motion picture camera that included a developed roll of film that took a burst of pictures at once and moved in the camera at a pace that appeared for it to be moving. I would either not have been possible or would have been created sometime later in history.The invention of roll film was able to develop cinematography and brought up a recognizable form of

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