George Ela Short Story: 'The Small Tiger'

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George Garcia
Ela Short Story
Period 3
Due Date 1/13/17
The Small Tiger

Once there was a baby tiger in a Chinese forest and her name was Taa. Taa was always the smallest tiger among her tiger friends. When tigers are babies they are super playful and enjoy to do all kinds of athletic games like climbing trees and who can jump the furthest. Since she was so small Taa was never the most athletic. Unfortunately Taa never won the climbing or jumping competitions so she got made fun of. Taa always had a rival tiger his name was Sahib. Unlike Taa, Sahib was always the biggest and most athletic tiger. Sahib enjoyed making fun of Taa because he saw her as an easy target. Sahib mainly made fun of Taa’s small paws that were also abnormally small even for her size. Taas’ small paws were the main reason why she could never win the tree climbing competitions. It was really difficult for her to get a good grip on the trees. The good thing is that Taa had a very supporting mother and father who helped her when Taa felt sad or annoyed. Another thing is that Taa had an older brother who protected her but he wasn 't around much he was mostly getting trained to hunt and kill.

One day after losing in a tree climbing competition and then getting bullied Taa decided to start training to become a better climber. Tuesdays were always tree climbing days so Taa knew she had a week to train. Lucky for Taa her brother came back from hunting training so she decided to ask him for some help. Her

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