George F Kennan Communism

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Historian George F. Kennan maintains that the ideology and circumstances of the Soviet Union were accountable for the political nature of this communist state. Kennan discusses a distinct pattern of thought and concepts to describe the Soviet Union 's position on capitalism and motivation for their conduct. Kennan understands Russian History to be a significant influence in the nature of the Soviet Union 's conduct and discusses a clear hostility towards capitalism. Capitalism was perceived as a destructive and unjust ideology. It exploited the working class, failed to produce adequate resources and created uneven economic and social distributions. This attitude, a product of an impoverished society, led Russian-communists to regard revolution as the only solution to this detrimental system. Kennan notes the use of Marxism as justification for the desire…show more content…
As the article continues, Kennan emphasises the assumed unity, discipline and patience within the Soviet Union. Kennan was under the impression that dictatorship could only temporarily compel a nation and that Soviet conduct was responsible for an exhausted and unconvinced population. Concentration of industrialisation led to an uneven expansion of communism, according to Kennan, and the economy suffered, as parts of the Soviet remained undeveloped. Kennan anticipated force of authority to be a detrimental to society. Lack of variation in the Communist Party members is criticised, it is maintained that differentiation in people and ideas is critical to the success of a nation. To conclude the argument on the nature of Soviet Union conduct, George F. Kennan sustains that the United States should not expect Soviet policies to reflect the possibility of co-existing capitalism and communism. He believes that the United States can influence internal developments in Russia and the worldwide communist movement. Kennan stresses the responsibility of the United States on the future conduct of the Soviet Union. Word Count:
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