George Ford Confessions

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Log 12

In 1997 four United States sailors in Norfolk, Virginia were brought into police custody and questioned for hours about their possible involvement in the rape and murder of Michelle Basco. After many hours of constant aggressive questioning of the four men, they finally confessed they were guilty which lead to their jury indictment.

The first Man to admit after eleven hours of aggressive interrogation by Detective Robert Ford was Daniel Williams. One would think that with just the confession alone the case would be closed and over with, but Daniels confessions were inconsistent with the facts of the crime scene. For example, Williams confessed that he beat her with a shoe, but the autopsy found Basco was not beaten with a shoe and
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Two of names he said he didn’t know, but the third man was George Clark. The police couldn’t find a man by the name of George Clark but used descriptions given by Joe that leads to the arrest of Derek Tice. Derek Tice both dazed and confused was taken to the integration room to meet no other than Robert Ford. Similar to the other three men after eleven hours of threats, yelling, intimidation, and being told he’s not telling the truth Derek surrendered and signed validating his confession. All four men share the same following theme from Ford: If you tell the truth you die, but if you lie you will live. They all told him what he wanted to hear so he would stop. In torture showing the instruments is a way to get someone to confess, and to the detective talking about the death penalty was similar to the idea of showing the instruments according to one of the interviewers in the documentary. Norfolk showed a complete disregard for both justice and truth with this case. With seven men telling seven different stories the police manipulated all the stories and bent it all in their favor to preserve the evidence that came before
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