George Frederic Handel

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George Frideric Handel was a great musician who composed many operas and oratorios especially in London. He is an inspiration of many due to his hard work in both music and other fields. For instance, in Hanover, Handel was made the Kapellmeister to the Elector, George Louis who favored him and sent him to visit England for twelve months. During his first visit in London, he was received at Queen Anne 's court and stayed there for the first eight months. However, his great interest was in Vanbrugh’s new opera house. This was a great chance for her to indulge in her favorite activity of producing quality music. In 1711, the first Italian opera that was composed in London was performed and was very successful. London was yearning for highly qualified…show more content…
The Queen granted Handel a pension of 200 pounds for his performances and appreciation for the work he was doing in London. Compositions of Handel in London had great influence on the love for operas and oratorios since they were full of style and high quality, and his style is adored all over the world. George Frederic Handel was born on February 23 in the year 1685 and realized that he had a talent in music at very tender age. He loved to sing and hoped to become a famous musician one day and leave a great record. Handel longed to study music, but his father was against the idea since he doubted that music would give him enough income to live on and raise a good family. However, Handel‘s mother was very supportive and encouraged him to continue building his talent. By the time, he was ten years, he had mastered composing the oboe and violin, and when he was 17 years, he was composing church cantatas. Handel 's father insisted that he study another course. He…show more content…
Handel used a choral style, when he was in London, which allowed the singers to participate by singing the choruses. The style that Handel used was appropriate to oratorios because it emphasized on communal and not individual expression that was used in operas. His choruses were admired especially the oratorios in his song “Judas Maccabaeus and the “Israel in Egypt”. The most conspicuous feature of Handel choral writing is the musical symbolism as well as the pictorial. For example, in the Messiah, he had stressed on the line "all we like sheep have gone astray" have diverged melodic lines with turning figure that never got away from its starting point. This makes Handel one of the greatest composers who knew how to write choruses. Another style used was the open fugal text with solid blocks of harmony, which was also loved by fans. Handel’s compositions were very much harmonized that they never brought confusion to the listeners. In his music, Handel brings the four parts tightly together such as the basis and the tenors, the sopranos and the altos in the middle register. Handelian closing cadences have been in used in this group as an Allegro chorus. A chorus is an important outburst of sounds as it gathers the entire meaning of the composition and allows others to participate in singing. In this case, Handel 's use of chorus was the most important innovation in the oratorios. His early training had made him familiar with the choral music of Germany in which it had a
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