George Ginzburg Biography Essay

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George Ginzburg is a holocaust survivor. He was born on the 25 of February1923 in Zoppot Poland. His parents were Russian immigrants that escaped from the Russian revolution and settled down in Berlin. George grew up as a Berliner, but it wasn’t until 1938 that George and his family had troubles with Nazi’s.
In 1933, George was standing with his father under the Brandenburg Gate where there was a victory parade for the Nazi party. They had music, drumming and marching. George’s dad stared crying. When George saw his father crying he asked his father, “why are you crying?” His dad replied, “this is the end of Germany, and this is the end of us Jews.” When George herd this he didn’t know what he meant, and his father said “in the future you will understand.”
Later on in school, the situation tightened up more and more. Jews were deprived of their rights to have motorcars, bank accounts, go swimming pools and theatres and weren’t even considered citizens. George, in school had no trouble with the
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Doctors and nurses usually decided this. Women with babies and mothers went to the right. The people on the right were then given soap and a towel. They thought that they would be going to have a shower after the long, dirty train trip, but in fact, they were put in gas chambers and gassed. The people on the left 170 women and 240 men of 1060 people, were taken into the camps, shaven, undressed and tattooed with a specific number. George’s number was 64147. George worked hard laying pipes. The climate and conditions that Jews had to work in were horrific. People would die from the cold, undernourishment, meningitis, diarrhoea, pneumonia and many other sicknesses. George also blames the allies for so many deaths (around 6 million) because the allies never made an attempt to destroy the railway at least, leading into the camps or any crematoriums, which could have been
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