George Gladwell's Broken Windows Theory

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One’s behavior and thought can be changed by the environment that surrounds him or her, and in a good environment, people will gradually improve, but in a harsh environment, people will be influenced negatively. Gladwell introduces the Broken Windows Theory in his essay; he explains how broken windows will have a bad impression on one’s thought, which will end up more cracking windows. Gladwell explains “The criminal is actually someone acutely sensitive to his environment, who is alert to all kinds of cues, and who is promoted to commit crimes based on his perception of the world around him” (P156) According to Gladwell, a person’s character does not stay the same at all time. The surroundings are more influential and powerful regarding to…show more content…
It is a normal reaction that people usually feel more comfortable being around one who shares a similar religion, race, or environment, because they share common experiences that shape the way they understand the world. Living in a busy environment, people no longer pay attention to surroundings; moreover they do not realize how the environment affects them. Stout also provides a common experience of dissociation in daily life. She describes, “a person was distracted, and the part of her consciousness that would normally have perceived pain was split apart from, and subjugated to, the part of her consciousness that was foal-directed” (428). The fast pace of life not only alienates individuals and weaken the relationship, but also change people’s thought and behavior slowly. People get distracted so easily that they don’t even realize the how they hurt themselves. Multitasking changes one at a slow pace. One’s thought creates his action, action will develop one’s habits, habits create one’s character, and character determines his destiny. Habit is like a double-edged sword, good habits can help one to achieve the next level. On the contrary, bad habits can become a stumbling block to hinder oneself. When multitasking becomes one’s bad habit, one’s thought and behavior will also be affected
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