George Herbert Virtue Summary

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Virtues George Herbert was a world-renowned poet who was most known for his metaphysical poems that uses rhythm and meters to bring stories to life. One of his more famous poems that will be analyzed was named “Virtue” (Johnson, Arp, & Perrine, 2017). In this poem Herbert details a person 's emotional path while embracing the concepts of life and death. Additionally, he is able to capture the reader 's imagination by creating psychological images of a human being 's emotional state as they observe the death of a loved on and mourns from it. George Herbert emphasizes life and death by highlighting the highs and lows of entire lifetime. Correspondingly, he is able to do this by beginning his poem with a theme that emphasizes the beauty of life and its celebration. He opens the introduction by explaining the essence and beauty of the day while depicting all of it 's delightful aspects. Furthermore, he does so by describing the environment as being a “sweet day, so cool, so calm, so bright” (Johnson et al., 2017). In doing so, Herbert explains the narrator 's point of view on “the Earth and Sky” as it concludes the day and “falls to night” (Johnson et al., 2017). Moreover, the narrator 's expression of the entire day sets forth the type of environment he/she is in while mourning their loved one. Further,ore, this introduction is able to set the theme for the entire poem as well as accentuating all events that will occur during the poem in a blissful type of orientation to the

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