George Huston Urban Legends

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According to Hutson, some urban legends go viral because of themes that involve “social or survival related utility.” However, most urban legends that went viral also carried implicit warnings or if they are a myth. Hutson’s account does reflect on the urban legends in this unit because most of the stories have elements that make the stories unforgettable. The legends such as Mr.Rogers, Trump, Facebook, hotel keycard, the roommate story, and the tire story all are a myth. People remember these story because they fictitious, but with real elements. Urban legends about celebrity, such as Mr.Rogers and Donald Trump, tells us that we like to think celebrity as close to us. We want to find things that we have in common and think that they are not that far away from us. By making stories of celebrity, we are able to think if them as a real human. In Mr.Rogers’ story, people can start to believe it because they could question to why Mr.Rogers always wore a sweater. While watching this show I never thought about his clothing choice. Maybe it made him feel more comfortable. But giving Mr.Rogers a title for being in the US Navy Seal can make him look more approachable and like us. This goes for Donald Trump too. Making seem like a generous man, people can see him friendly and closer to us.…show more content…
In the Facebook story, many people did start to believe that the man was named Phuc Dat Bich. However, its was it was not true and the man real name was Tin Lee. This legend shows the power a person can have in the media.Even if a person is not that famous but has a controversial story, they can become well known. In the hotel key-card identity theft story it tells us that people can become paranoid and start to believe in things that are not necessarily
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