George Killing Lennie Smalls

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Essay: Of Mice and Men The novel, "Of Mice and Men," is about George Milton and Lennie Smalls traveling together trying to conquer their dreams, which is to have their own farmland and to tend the rabbits. While trying to achieve their dreams they also build up their relationship and bond as they explore and travel with each other. At the end of the novel, George makes a startling and debatable decision to kill Lennie. George killing Lennie portrayed that as saving him, wanting him to rest in peace, and getting rid of his own guiltiness. When the men on the farm found out that Lennie killed Curley's wife they set out to find him, along with George. George knows that Curley would not bother to care if Lennie killed his wife unintentionally…show more content…
For instance he likes to pet mice, but he ends up killing them because he pets them too hard, but that was normal for him because he does it too often. Killing Curley's wife was the first time Lennie has ever killed a human being. A human being is different from a creature, therefore, If Lennie were to get captured, he could possibly be charged with attempted rape and most likely be put in jail. Therefore, George shot Lennie because he doesn't want Lennie to suffer and die with pain. For example on page Lennie said, “An’ you get to tend the rabbits." Lennie giggled with happiness. “An’ live on the fatta the lan’.” This showed George made sure Lennie had no pain when dying. He made sure Lennie had happy thoughts before his life ended. Overall, George killing Lennie was justified because there was no other way around. If George didn’t kill Lennie, then he would have to die in a suffering way. Meaning, Lennie dying in the hands of Curley would be suffering. Since George accidentally killed Curley's wife there was no other way to save him. Even if both of them do escape, Lennie would never safe and both of them would still be hunted down. Lennie would have to die either way and George loved Lennie too much to let him die within the hands of Curley. As a result, George killed Lennie in terms of caring about
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