George Lois Speech Analysis

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George Lois’s Speech and Advices “Creativity can solve any problem.” is the well-known saying from George Lois, an America’s master communicator. He is known from his creative and easily recognizable magazine’s cover named Esquire, which was shown in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City in 2008. He is also a great inspiratory. He wrote a book named ‘Damn Good Advices’, ‘Iconic America’, ‘What’s the big idea?’ and gave a speech in TEDxThessaloniki. His work and his words do inspire and influence cultures and many people around the world from the past until now. “The creative act, the defeat of habit by originality, overcomes everything.” is what he believes in. George Lois was born in 1931 into a family of hard-working Greek…show more content…
Therefore, Andy loved his cover and wanted to trade it. They have some bargaining and in the end, Lois refused to send it to him because he said, "One day it will be in the Museum of Modern Art," and a couple of years after it went in. Lois contends that in all fields of creativity, that if you reject Con, you can create Icon. He said, “If you do it right, it, and you, will live forever.” An indispensable guide to achieving creative success. With passion, punch, and in-your-face writing, George Lois explains, demonstrates and teaches to discover creative potential. “Trend is a trap.” “ A Big idea can change world culture.” “Don’t expect a creative idea to pop out from your computer.” “My first commandment: The word comes first, then the visual.” His words offer new insight into the mystique of a creative and continued to inspire at every stage of the creative process, in business, advertising, design, and visual arts. ‘Damn Good Advice by George Lois’ with a small bracket writing ‘(for people with talent!)’ under its topic, is the book containing both his talented life story and his creativity ideas. The most powerful sentence in the book, in my opinion, is ‘you are the master of your fate: you are the captain of your soul.’ A person still decides their own fate that they ordain what kind of family life they have, what they believe in, and what kind of work they produce. A person can decide that no one can make other one produce bad work. If it is the right stuff, no one can stop, cannot keep a person from demonstrating one’s talent. No one cannot stop one from fulfilling one’s destiny. Never. George Lois’s advices let people delve into his wisdom, and return to it, again and again, on a road to
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