George Lopez The Comedian Analysis

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George Lopez The Comedian
George Lopez is an Mexican-American comedian. When he was eleven years old he watched Freddie Prinze perform and instantly knew that he wanted to become a comedian. Now more than 30 years later he is a well know stand-up comedian, and also known for his television and film comedies. George Lopez growing up with Mexican grandparents influenced his comedic take, while his use of personal experiences and repetition make his jokes funny, and the fact the his audience can relate makes him a successful comedian.
The comedian George Lopez grew up with Mexican grandparents in Los Angeles who shaped him into the person he is today. In his comedy he talks about how it was like growing up in his Mexican family. Whether he talks about how his aunts were or the fact that he had a lemon tree in his backyard. His family thought
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In one joke he discusses how kids today talk back and that was a thing he never did. He then imitates a girl talking back to her mom by yelling at the audience and then he gets on one knee to act to pretend to be the mom using his white lady voice he talks to her daughter and does not even hit her. When he does this he makes it seem like white people do not hit their children. On the other hand a Mexican parent would just hit you without hesitation. He then goes about how his grandma would hit on the head for anything because he did not do as she said and then he would start crying and she would question, “Why you crying?” (he repeats this line over and over). As he continues to cry his grandma is like I will give something to actually cry about. In the background you can hear people laughing as he tells the joke and then the camera does a close up on the public and they are just nodding in agreement to what George Lopez just said about how it was growing

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