George Lucas: The History Of Film And Cinema

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Think of the excitement of entering a cinema, the smell of popcorn, the sights and sounds of a feature film practically transforming the blank cinema into a spectacle of a sight. This excitement of film can all be traced back to one man. George Lucas, one of the most praised directors in cinema history, may have one of the most interesting stories in the film industry. With the history of film as rich and as broad as it is, to say one director solely was the most influential would be wrong. George Lucas did not get to be where he is today without the inventions of new technology and the innovations of the film industry. To research and discuss such a rich topic of history is a journey into one of the world’s biggest, and most fascinating industries, the industry of film. The history of film and cinema dates back as far as the early 20th century (The picture show man). The history of motion pictures begins when going to the movies was not even an idea or a possible activity. The first films were pictures being reflected off of a spinning surface with a small light. This all changed when the camera was invented. The invention of the first film camera was achieved by Louis de Prince in 1888 (Bergan 54). These cameras were nowhere near the cameras that exist today but the concept was very similar. With cameras today, High Definition film is used and it is mainly all done digitally. This gives the director a chance to immediately view the film on set. Both of these devices

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