Character Analysis: The Fast Journey And Myth Making

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THE LAST CLIMB OF MALLORY AND IRVINE: PERCEPTION AND MYTH MAKING TERM PAPER COURSE CO-ORDINATOR- Dr.Ajay Dandekar SUBMITTED BY- Baadal Singh DATE OF SUBMISSION- SNUID-AAA0062 I would like to list down some points which would tell us about Mallory’s mind-set, will power, Bravery, intelligence, shrewdness, obsession, physical fitness, mental strength, survival instincts and many other qualities which gives us enough accuracy to claim that they had made it to the top of the Mount Everest. Also these points tell us how these things eventually happened in his life which were preparing him for the glory he achieved. 1) George Mallory was born in Mobberley, Cheshire England. He was son of Herbert Leigh…show more content…
This is the part of his life where he gained immense metal strength and the most important one survival instincts and many other skills like, discipline, decision making and all these added and had made him perfect to climb the Everest. Mallory was a gunner in the trenches north of Armentieres, France. Men were blown apart all around him because of the firing. Many Men died of diseases like tuberculosis and gangrene. Life was very hard in those trenches. One can imagine how hard it would have just to keep oneself alive, when there is firing from all round and also at times there was scarcity of food or water and corpse lying all around. Mallory lost many of his friends in the battle which is clear from the letters he writes to his father and wife. Mallory writes to his father after he survived World War 1 "Life presents itself very much as a gift," he wrote his father from France at the end of 1918. "If I haven't escaped so many chances of death as plenty of others, still it is surprising to find myself a survivor, and it's not a lot I have always wanted. There has been so much to be said for being in the good company of the dead." 8) After he returned from the army he was restless and unsatisfied. Then in 1921, Percy Farrar invited him to be part of the first Everest expedition in 1922, he eagerly accepted the invitation. Though the Everest expedition of 1922 was not successful. The team spent weeks reconnoitring the mountain and working on possible routes to the summit. Mallory eventually mapped a route to the summit from the northeast. The climbers attempted to reach the summit, but had not travelled far bad weather forced them to retreat. Overall, the expedition was unprepared at that time as it was their first
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