George Mcclellan Essay

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George McClellan. Born December 3rd, 1826 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. He is famously known for being a Union leader during the Civil War, but he has had several other accomplishments while serving in the United States Armed Forces. He graduated the Military Academy (West Point) in 1846, and shortly after that, he fought in the Mexican War. Following his service in that war, he began teaching military engineering at West Point. Although he has served in many wars and helped the Armed Forces in many ways, his most well known accomplishment was serving as leader for the Union army in the first year of the Civil War. He got his job after the First Battle of Bull Run, when Winfield Scott “retired.” He was the leader for many wars, but he was known…show more content…
He was born on December 3rd, 1826. His parents were George McClellan and Elizabeth Steinmetz Brinton. He practiced law at the University of Pennsylvania for two years, beginning when he was only 13 years old. His highly successful father was a good ophthalmologist, and he founded Jefferson Medical Center in Philadelphia in 1824. Due to his success, he had good connections to the Whig Party. George McClellan quit law school to go to Military school, and his father’s connections to that Party are what got him into the United States Military Academy. In 1846, he graduated the Military Academy 2nd of the 59 students of his…show more content…
He did not have a rough childhood, moneywise because his father was a successful person in his profession. Most thirteen year olds are into sports, and some people could not even imagine doing it later in their life. He has been an overachiever since he was that young, and his adult life was nothing shy of success and perfection. In his life, many historic things happened, but as already stated, they did not have a high impact on his life. While George was at West Point, he was awarded brevet second lieutenant in the United States Corps of Engineers. Following his unusual childhood, his adulthood was also very
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