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George McClure (my great-grandfather), born in 1904 in Tandragee, Northern Ireland immigrated alone to Canada on the Athenia in 1926. After arriving in Montreal George take the train to Ottawa and migrated to Renfrew County. George McClure died, in 1965 of cancer because of the toxins inhaled when he was in a mine explosion.
Lucy McClure (Farnell) (my great-grandmother), born in 1908 in Renfrew County, Ontario. Lucy McClure died of old age.
George and Lucy had 8 biological children and 1 adopted child; Lloyd (my grandfather) (Alive), Eva (Alive), Maxine (Alive), Jimmy (Deceased), Lorna (Deceased), Mary (Alive), Sharon (Alive), Fields (Deceased) and Darlene (Adopted)(Deceased). There are certain health trends within this family; Maxine, Lorna and Sharon all had Thyroid Cancer. George McClure was predisposed to cancer because of the toxins inhaled but here we can see how this trend continues to the next
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George, Lori, Patricia, Kerri (adopted) and Andrew (adopted). George is divorced and has three children, Paige, Kyle and Dominic. Lori is married to Justin Trudeau and has four biological children and two adopted children; Brooke, Amber, Ashley, Kailey, John (Adopted) and Matea (adopted). In this family structure Brooke has one daughter Sophia. Patricia (my mother) is married to Harry Smith and has three children, Shohannah (1992), Angel (1995) and Nathaniel (1998). Kerri is single and has four children, Zack, Siane, Kiley and Leah. It is important to note here that the father of Kerri’s children is not involved in their lives and is not included in the genogram. Andrew is single and has one son, Oliver. In this family structure Linda, Patricia, George, Kerri, Andrew and Nathaniel all smoke. George is also an alcoholic and has a criminal history. There is also a history of ovarian cancer with Patricia, Lori and Kerri. All children in this subsystem were born out of
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