George Milton And Lennie In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Did you read of mice and men? If you didn’t, then you should read it. It is a nice book which tells the story George Milton and Lennie Small, two migrant ranch workers, who move from pace to place for better jobs opportunities during great depression in the United States. It was written by John Steinbeck which was published in 1937. George Milton is small, strong hands, a tiny and bony nose and an intelligent man. He is a good friend of Lennie who is the opposite of him. Lennie is a huge man, shapeless face, pale eye, wide and a strong man, but he has mental problem like: forgetting thing, doing things incorrectly etc. as Lennie have this problem, George must take care of him as they both travel together. The relationship between George and Lennie changes constantly, sometimes George act like a father of Lennie or sometimes like a mother, brother, close friends, and even a judge or jury, but I think most of the time George act like a father, mother, and a close friend of…show more content…
The relation between George and Lennie are not same all the time. Some time they are like father and son because father is mostly protective and caring, George is also same as he saves Lennie from trouble and give advice what to do whenever he is in danger, so George is like father of Lennie. On the other hand, George is also like mother of Lennie as he cares about Lennie’s health as well as George is also like a close friend of Lennie as he gives good advices like staying out from Curley’s wife and take care of job ticket which is important their job. so, we can say their relationship are not constant, some time George is like a father, mother or a close friend of Lennie, it depends on which situation they
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