George Mueller: A Little Liar

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George Mueller was a liar and a thief who gave up a life of crime to raise and house Bristol 's orphans. Johann Georg Ferdinand Müller was born on September 27, 1805, in Prussia. He started scamming people and stealing from them as a teenager. He later stopped his crime record and left home to study at Halle University in Halle, Germany. There, he converted to Christianity and wanted to become a missionary. Certain Circumstances prevented George from becoming a missionary, so he took classes to become a pastor. When George got out of college, he Married Mary Groves on October 7, 1830. Later, he revived a letter form Pastor Henry Craik asking George to come and be his Pastoral assistant. So George and his wife then left Prussia and moved to Bristol England. The assisted Pastor Henry for 8 years until one day, George stumbled upon a book. The book was a biography of August H. Franke, a German man who housed nearly…show more content…
How could he afford all this food? Who could have enough money to house over 10,000 orphans? Well, George Mueller had a record of over 50,000 answered prayers. It was his custom to pray on his knees, and when the orphans needed food, George would simply tell the Father that his children need food. Before the food arrived, he would already be thanking God that food was on it 's way! One day, before the orphans woke up, George Mueller was praying. He was asking the Father for milk, for the orphans had no idea that he didn 't even have two pennies to rub together that morning. It was 8 o 'clock, all the orphans came trotting down the stairs to find nothing but empty mugs on the table. “Where is the milk?” the orphans would ask him. “It 's coming,” George would reply. Sure enough, about 2 minuets later, the milkman opened the door and stepped in. It turned out, his milk-cart had broken down, right in front of the orphanage, and he thought the orphanage could use the extra
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