George Orwell 1984 Language Analysis

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George Orwell 1984 This essay will focus mainly on the use of George Orwell 's language and vocabulary and his use of imagery and themes in this passage discussing its relationship to the novel 1984 as a whole. The use of language Orwell uses throughout the passage depicts the society and life the author lives in describing the control of Big Brother on their society and the impact that Big Brother has on the people of Nineteen Eighty Four such as Winston himself. Throughout the whole novel George Orwell uses a flashback technique when describing the characteristic imagery in the passage which may allow the reader to revisit the past of the party and Winston 's childhood along with Winston himself. This passage has an importance to the novel as a whole as it helps the novel to unravel in regards to how society was back then and how it was as a human being to be living under the control of the dominant Big Brother. The people of Nineteen Eighty Four live their lives relaying on the news and propaganda dished out daily by the Telescreens. George Orwell sets up a scene in this passage and throughout his whole novel to allow his readers to gain insight into the life of Nineteen Eighty Four and the restricted world of being watched telescreen by telescreen without any say in the matter. First of all this passage from Nineteen Eighteen Four contains the usage of interesting and descriptive language. The way in which George Orwell describes the control of the parties with

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