George Orwell 1984 Slogan Analysis

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“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing” (George Orwell 234). These three slogans in 1984 all center around power: “war is peace”, “Freedom is slavery”, “Ignorance is strength”. The government of Oceania’s goal is to keep the truth hidden from their people. It’s all about what the government wants their people to know and what the citizens are supposed to think. The government wants control but not too much control to the point where people start asking questions and revolting. The slogan “war is Peace” some examples how the government of Oceania represses their people. In the beginning of chapter one book one, Winston is looking out the window at the way things are…show more content…
Nothing at Winston’s home works and there are telescreens everywhere. The elevator didn’t work so Winston took the stairs. The government of Oceania have the people going to believe that there is a war going on. Another slogan George Orwell talks about is “Freedom is Slavery”. Winston is working as usual and gets a note from a woman in the ministry and changes everything. This specific topic of Winston and Julia go with this slogan because if they get caught talking or doing what they are doing they would disappear. The government in this society says that they aren’t aloud to talk to the opposite sex nor be with each other. But Winston and Julia don’t mind they want to be a rebel and they have a fatalistic view on the situation. They know that they are going to get caught and they are probably going to die “A ship full of refugees being bombed in the Mediterranean” (George Orwell 8). Some examples of ignorance is strength is, In the beginning Winston writes in his journal about the late night flicks during hate week, the boat of refugees and the big man that was trying to get away from. The audience was very amused by the fat man trying to get away with the helicopter trailing right behind him. The helicopter then shot him, and he began to sink.
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