George Orwell: Animalism Or Socialism?

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Animalism or Socialism?
Your principles are set on seven commandments, and you do not know how to read, understand their meaning, and, therefore, believes nothing. George Orwell was a socialist, he wrote many different high degree pieces of writing but always based his words and ideas on his doctrine and ideology, socialism. Animal Farm was not very different. Socialism was largely relevant in the russian community, however its popular meaning was astray from its initial and fundamental purpose, to engage a society with product, food, ideals, and decisions to be made from a community as a whole but the tyranny and categorical control of Stalin did not enforce this definition. Orwell lived the period of Stalin’s
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On the very beginning of the novel, Orwell incorporates Old Major, an old animal, to make a final announcement to the animals and his view of society conceptualization. His main concept was, “All animals are comrades” (6). This phrase represents the succinct ideology of a socialist society with main element being, equality. Old Major is expressed by Orwell to represent Karl Marx, the inventor of theoretical socialism. By incorporating the name Old Major into context, he suggests old, multiple times defined as wise and thoughtful, but major can be represented implicitly by Marx’s ideology of equality. It is of human nature to want to be egocentric and caring about yourself, and major can be defined as of special class and authority, but Orwell wants to describe how Karl set apart his own nature to objectify equality for everyone. Orwell’s technique of using representation and characters to resemble a true, relevant man creates the deliberate juxtaposition of human nature, represented as negative and self-consuming, the main conflict expressed it the socialist core. During the entire novel, Orwell intends to show the true Russian society through the view of animals. Now, inserting animals to identify a true society, engages the criticism that Orwell indicates as his purpose, to show how the Russian community can be symbolized by animals and how, it is no different. His choice of setting and plot builds on criticising socialism in Russia, leading to identifying the commandments and principles of Animalism as the principles of Socialism and their specific direct modification on both worlds. The last act of destruction towards the true meaning of Animalism was summarized by one commandment, “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” (97). This final
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