George Orwell Criticism

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1984 by George Orwell was published in 1949. Since it was let out for the public to read, it has caused a lot of controversy. There are several websites criticising Orwell and his book. I found one in particular that was very fascinating to see this person 's point of view on 1984. Robbie Blair had several points to make about the book. At first he mentioned a lot of things he disliked about Orwell. He In the beginning of Robbie Blairs article he talks about some facts about Orwell. He said that Orwell was once a communist, but later saw the heartlessness of it. He later became one of the harshest critics of it especially during the time of Josef Stalin. Blair states, “Orwells imagination was a reflection of his time.” Orwell used what was going on at the time for ideas for his book. He said, “The mustachioed figure of "Big Brother" is a hair 's breadth away from Stalin.” So he’s basically saying that Orwell got his ideas for 1984 from what was going on in his life. I think the story does go along with what was happening at the time of when the book was written. He was using what was going on in the world to warn the people of the future. Blair then went on to criticise what was inside the book. In 1984, he noticed that there are a lot of misogyny comments. The book says, "He disliked nearly all woman, and especially the young…show more content…
When Robbie Blair concludes he talks about, “the real reason he hates 1984.” He says when reading Orwell’s story, he was bored. He was unconvinced on Orwells version of dystopia. I think Orwell had a very interesting book. I would never read it again unless I have to. I agree with Blair that it was a very boring book. There were very few parts when I was fully paying attention. Blair said, “And then we got to "Goldstein 's Book." For more than 50 pages (specifically page 399 to 469 in my copy), Orwell just shows us Winston reading a different book.” This part of the book, I pretty much skipped over because it was so hard to
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