George Orwell Politics And The English Language

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Political language "is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind "according to George Orwell, who believed that the language used is meaningless and its intention is to hide the truth by those who exercise political power. The essay "Politics and the English Language" became a powerful work for the writers, journalists and teachers, thus the author creates a “poetics” for political language appointing the main rules and problems that determine the truth not to be said. While reading George Orwell’s essay I agreed and disagreed with his opinions and solutions for an improved English, consequently, I gathered evidence to prove my claim which is multilateral because during the years, the subject has been debated and analyzed by umpteen writers or critics. For example, there are people who agree that what blames Orwell as ways of controlling the people, but there are opinions who claim that the essayist’s rules are too harsh. George Orwell was a known fighter for the freedom to speak, think or against the control of language and masses of people through politics. This fight against an era where ideologies like fascism and communism ruled the mid-twentieth century was supposed to change the world from a malicious one that handles easily the masses of people only by the power of speech, in a world whose only salvation is political regeneration. As Aristotle said “man is more of a political animal
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