George Orwell Themes

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George Orwell is one of the prominent writers of the 20th century whose writings serve as documentary sources of the time he lived in. Scholars are interested in investigating the themes in his works, to understand what his views on the great historical changes in the beginning of the 20th century were. This research paper aimed at finding out what the main research designs and methods are used to study the themes in Orwell’s books and what the most common themes in his works are. The research was done, using the comparative and the descriptive research designs and the case study method, to compare the methods from twelve articles and describe them, using an in-depth study. This research came to the conclusion that in investigation of the themes in George Orwell’s works scholars tend to use comparative research design, descriptive research design and a case study method. The results mean that these are the easiest methods to study this issue and this research may help the futher investigation of the similar themes to found on the methods used in twelve articles. Key words: research design, methodology, methods, George Orwell, themes in George Orwell’s works. Inroduction George Orwell is one the most famous and prominent writers of the beginning of the 20th century. His novels and essays reflect the historical event of those times and may serve as documentary sources. His writings strongly influenced the contemporary writers and also influence modern writers;
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