George Orwell Torture

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During the torture scenes, George Orwell demonstrates his views about one of the worst things possible. Orwell’s idea here is that there is nothing that will make an individual commit to anything than the abuse of physical pain He believes you can not be a winner when suffering from this, and that the victim will always be the loser no matter how strong they think they are. It also demonstrates the fact that no matter what a person 's mindset it, it can always be altered. I have understood this point of view from the author because I so realize the effects of this thoroughly. Just as Orwell later states, we are all selfish in the end and wish upon others to take our problems and in this case physical abuse. In book two, Orwell focuses on the love and affairs between Julia and Winston. Book Three begins and focuses on punishment and corrections. Winston 's torture re emphasizes one of the book 's…show more content…
Orwell uses torture as a way to break victim rather than any other strategy, is because of how the english treated captured Nazis during the second world war. The english used the same torture strategies on Nazis as O 'brien used on Winston. They all endured starvation, beatings, sleep deprivation, and the biggest of them all rat torture. All these strategist caused every victon to break. Whether it was withholding information in Nazis case or betrayal in Winstons. I believe Orwell used these strategies as a direct link to how individuals were treated during the second world war. George Orwell 's uses contradiction near the end of Winston 's torture scenes. During his tortures he has Winston believe that “In the face of pain there are no heroes”. Although Winston 's pain was so great that he was willing to do anything to end it. Even though he states there are no heros, he sees Big Brother as a hero for ending his pain. They completely broke Winston because even though they were the ones inflicting the pain, Winston is still thankful for them because they also ended the
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