George Orwell's 1984: A Totalitarian Government

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Rough Essay draft In 1984, George Orwell paints a terrifying picture in which all the continents of America, Oceania and the British Isles are run by a single government. It has total control over every single aspect of its society. Although the novel was a depiction of what Orwell thought the world would be like in the year 1984, we can see Orwell 's prophecy 's come to life in modern day North Korea. There are three main aspects of society that are strikingly similar between the two. One example of a similar trait that can be observed in both society 's is the form of government that both civilizations are ran under. Totalitarianism can be identified in both North Korea and Oceania because both governments prohibit individual freedom and monitor almost all aspects of its society and the citizens that…show more content…
A totalitarian government is a form of government that permits no individual freedom and seeks to subordinate all aspects of individual life to the authority of the state. North Korea is undoubtedly a totalitarian even though it considers itself a democracy. A few primary examples of how deep the regimes authority in North Korea is are, forced abortion, torture and starvation. Civilians who fail to cooperate with the regimes rigid laws, get dealt with extremely violently. A connection can be drawn between the disciplining methods used in both society 's. In 1984 when Winston was captured by the thought police, he was tortured heavily and was presented with his biggest fear. The party prevented the people from thinking their own thoughts and monitored them in any way possible. The party even placed telescreens in the homes of everyone eliminating all their privacy and making sure they aren 't committing "thought-crime", while they 're at home. The thought police are a group of people that work for the government, and their job is to simply monitor all the telescreens and

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