George Orwell's Animal Farm: A Dystopian Society?

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Animal Farm, A Dystopian Society Dystopian societies involve bloodshed, espionage, and countless tragedies among the citizens of the society. The goal of creating a successful society is very difficult to accomplish due to the amount of criteria a society must meet to become successful. A utopia is a society where everything is perfect and everyone is happy, while a dystopia is a society where everyone is under complete control and the government is often conniving. Animal farm can be portrayed as a dystopian society due to the farm’s cunning, but evil, leader and the multiple traits of dystopian societies that can be clearly seen on the farm. The propaganda used by Squealer in George Orwell’s Animal Farm, as well as the frowned upon dissent and false fantasy of the farm being a utopia, prove that The Animal Farm is a dystopian society. In Animal Farm, Napoleon uses a persuasive pig, Squealer, to act like propaganda and transmit information around the farm to keep the working animals distracted. One of Squealer’s main jobs on the farm was to persuade the farm animals that when the pigs broke the law, the reason was always for the betterment of the farm. Orwell writes, “‘It was absolutely necessary’, he said, ‘that the pigs, who were the brains of the farm, should have a quiet place to work in’” (Orwell 66). Squealer convinces everyone that Napoleon’s actions are ethical, even though Napoleon’s actions are almost always unfair and unjust. Squealer has had to convince all of
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