George Orwell's Animal Farm As A Political Fable

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Animal Farm is mostly a political fable based on political issues presented in real life. This fable concentrates on power that can be used for doing good or bad, but basically it is used for bad. At the beginning of the story power was used to stop the mistreatment the animals on the farm were facing from humans, but then it started going all the way around, things were getting unusually.
It all started after the rebellion, an attack planned by the animals on the farm to take control and eliminate the human authority once and for all at Manor Farm and get to make all animals work together as a team, but this situation led to the wrong use of power. Power, corruption did not end with Mr.Jones as it was supposed to, it continued with Snowball, but the most corrupted was Napoleon. All he wanted to do is look good in front of the animals and make them believe he was a great leader that was always right and that can make good decisions for Animal Farm, instead he changed the rules and modify the seven commandments that represented animalism to favor himself. The responsible for Napoleon´s actions looking good and beneficial for the animals was Squealer, that covered all of his wrong choices to avoid animals suspicions.
Dictatorship is present in the story when Napoleon was the only candidate after using his dog army to get rid of Snowball and be the leader of Animal Farm. Then a step-by-step progression he turned himself into a dictator, making minor changes throughout the
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