Animal Farm Essay

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Written at the height of the Cold War. Animal farm a fairy story is anything but a fairy story. It is truly a timeless classic. The most thought-provoking book this reader has ever read. Written by George Orwell (1903 - 1950) born in British India where his father worked. The family moved back to England in 1907 and in 1917 he went to Eton. A novelist, essayist, journalist, and critic; He had an acute awareness of social injustice between the working classes of northern England. Horrified by what he saw in the Spanish Civil War and by the way the revolution forces evolved in Russia, he became an outspoken support of democratic socialism and opposed to totalitarianism. Shocked by what he saw as a ‘cult of personality’ developing around Stalin. Orwell wrote Animal Farm as an…show more content…
He is strong and a huge animal we know this from the description in the book “an enormous beast, nearly eighteen hands high, and as strong as any two ordinary horses put together” His personal motto is “I will work harder” He is also brave we see this in the battle of the cowshed. But it’s not long till the pigs won’t rid of him. Squealer is Napoleons PR guy. He is a brilliant talker, astute, sharp tongue and no morals. He makes his entrance when he justifies the pigs for hoarding food. He works to develop Animalism. He is selfish and twists reality to suit his interests and those of Napoleon. Squealer is the propaganda machine of Animal Farm. Snowball is an active quick-witted, charismatic inventive pig. He is friendly and lively but looks can be deceiving. We see in the book he is a much better speaker than Napoleon. He is the one to introduce the line “four legs good, two legs bad”. A meaningless saying but twisted by Squealer near the end of the book. Snowball thinks and plans for the future. He plans big with the building of the Windmill, to spread the revolution to other farms a true red communist. He is an idealist at heart but a shady
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