Big Brother

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‘Big Brother’ is the main villain in the novel 1984 by George Orwell. He takes this idea of government and personifies it by making the citizens feel like they are being watched by ‘Big Brother’. In a New York Times article the author discussing the effect of ‘Little Brother.’ ‘Little Brother’ is everyone. It is you and your friends and your parents because we all have cell phones and can record everything. Because of the increase in technology in our society, as citizens, we have lost our privacy, and we feel that we must share with the world every detail of our lives, however, technology has also been important in everyday life. The debate about our privacy online has been popular for years. Orwell wrote this novel in 1949 at a time when…show more content…
A totalitarian government can be defined as a form of government when the political authority exercises complete control over every aspect of life ( This government had complete control of the citizens and this caused the citizens to have no privacy in their own lives. In our society today we do not have to deal with this, however, we can relate to the feeling Winston had about the telescreens. We can relate because today everyone has a cell phone with a camera, and anything can be recorded. This has caused us to lose a lot of our privacy because you never know if your actions or words will be shared with the…show more content…
We use it to check the weather, to go to work and school, we use it to call in emergencies. I conducted my own experiment to track how I use my phone usage during the day. In my research, I noticed that the majority of the time I spend on my phone is using it to connect with other people. People, I included, use their social media to feel connected to the world. They want to feel like they are seen or heard and not forgotten. I also documented that the other half of my phone usage is for school work. This side of technology use is important. Technology has propelled education immensely. Now, the majority of what we do is on computers or uses technology is some form; for example, I am even writing this essay using a computer and keyboard, the Internet, and Google.
When one thinks about the reasons for the use of technology we are hit with all of the negative side effects of it. Its increase has caused our society to feel the need to overuse it and share every aspect of our lives, it has caused us to lose some of our privacy. However, the development of technology has impacted education
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