1984 Government Vs Government Essay

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Every government around the world is slightly different, nevertheless they all have one concern in common, secrets. The government around the world and the government described by George Orwell in 1984 are unquestionably much similar. In both governments described there are secrets held from the public. These secrets are held from us on the grounds that the government believes that they are protecting us from something terribly frightening or harmful.
Correspondingly, the government that George Orwell brings to the attention of the audience compared to our government, also has four branches in their government, they are known as the Ministries of Truth, Love, Peace, and Plenty. As described by Orwell, the Ministry of Truth is responsible for education, entertainment, fine arts and the news. In other words, it is the government departments ultimate responsibility is to spread the rumors and popularity. The Ministry of Love is responsible for maintaining law and order; the Ministry of peace, as Orwell introduces doublespeak, is concerned with war; and the Ministry of Plenty is responsible for the economy (eNotes).
Similarly, our government has four branches as well. These branches are each in charge of very similar
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In 1786, there were a series of protests by the name of Shay’s Rebellion led by American farmers who were against state and local enforcement of tax collection and judgements for debts. It is said that during Shay’s Rebellion the rebels tried to capture the federal arsenal at Springfield and harassed leading merchants, lawyers, and supporters of the state government (History.com). Not everyone agrees 100 percent with the government, frequently not even 50 percent agree. Those who do not agree go through extreme measures to be heard by their higher power, so that they can try to change the outcome of what has become of the government's
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