George Orwell's Manipulation In Animal Farm

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We often ask ourselves, why is it that dictatorships last so long, if the people around us are against the government? George Orwell explains in Animal Farm how this becomes possible. Starting a corrupt government isn’t easy. Orwell allows us to understand, that in order to start a corrupt government, you always have to be one step ahead. To be like this, the leader has to create a massive movement that supports him, usually through lies and manipulation. One of the ways that George Orwell explains Russia’s Revolution is by stating that the people that didn’t care or simply didn’t oppose to the Russian government, were in fact affected by the dictator’s manipulation, through violence. Violence begins to take place, when there are no more options…show more content…
We begin to see that Napoleon starts using violence, when he has nothing left to use. He starts to use violence only when it’s necessary in the story. He uses it as a tool to scare the animals away when its necessary, or when he feels that a person that is against him might find a way to destroy his evil plan. By using so significant actions in the farm, these sorts of things make the animals work harder in the farm, but also make them get tired and produce a bad result in their job. We see that he uses violence, when the people that aware of the situation, want a better life for themselves and for the community, so he feels that he has no other choice but to torture them so they can shut their mouths. When Napoleon starts to interact with Snowball in their speeches, you notice that he has a very strong opinion against Snowball, who wants to help society. Snowball tries to make the seven commandments and sayings such as “Four legs good, two legs bad,” but Napoleon goes against him and also trains the puppies by himself. Instead of going with Snowball in order to help the community, he ignores what Snowball says
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