George Orwell's Power: How Does Power Affect The Group?

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Power has a great impact on everybody depending on how you use it. How does the power affect the group? There are positive and negative outcomes for each decisions made by them. Throughout history, there were many victors who have gained its power to accomplish what they have planned. For example, Germany suffered heavy loss after the First World War. Not only they could not make a large military, they had to pay heavy reparations to the allied countries. Then Hitler rose up to break the treaty of Versailles and brought limited power to the people. That was the positive effect to the German Aryan races. However, the negative effect comes later in the Second World War. What was the cause of Germany’s great loss? Some of the reasons were his powerful and inhumane mistakes. Whatever he has done remains in the history. What does that tell us about power? No matter who you are power will bring both negative and positive outcomes.…show more content…
George Orwell, a British Writer famous for “Animal Farm”, “Shooting the Elephant”, and “1984”. George Orwell usually focuses his writings on social injustice and intense opposition of totalitarianism. Last semester in Morrison academy, I led a discussion about the book “Shooting an elephant”; focusing on imperialism and oppression of the colonist. In this short story, George Orwell was a police officer in Burma. Furthermore, he hated how the colonists were treated. He wrote another essay “Future of Ruined Germany” that I want to put a full focus in this essay. The “Future of a Ruined Germany” is based on Germany after the Second World War. On the first paragraph I mentioned that power makes both positive and negative outcomes. What does this essay tells us about power? On the first paragraph, he mentioned few
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