George Orwell's Reflections On Gandhi

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“Reflections on Gandhi” written by George Orwell is an article that gives a complete new dimension of one of the most renowned leader of our country, also considered to be the father of the nation, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. The article throws light on different aspect of Gandhi’s life, which is generally not known to the common man since Gandhi was always seen as a leader from the eyes of the common man. George Orwell begins the article talking about his sainthood and instead questions it himself by throwing light on Gandhi’s stint in politics. He also reminds that beneath the saint lied a very able person who could be a successful lawyer, an administrator or even a businessman. This instead creates curiosity among the readers, since this is lesser known fact about Gandhi. Orwell tells us how Gandhi didn’t make a good impression on him because the principles Gandhi preached including vegetarianism, home spun cloth etc. were not viable in a backward, overpopulated and poor country. Though on the other end, British generals were fond of him and called him “Our man” due to his principle of non violence which led to a peaceful state. Gandhi was admired by the millionaires too, because all he asked them was to repent. This attitude was preferred by the millionaires as compared to “Socialists and Communists”. This in turn led to Gandhi being preferred by the Britisher’s and made him instead a useful person. Nobody including British generals questioned his integrity. His
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