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Hair George Perrot has spent almost 30 years in prison thanks to a single hair. The hair was found by an FBI agent on the bed of a 78 year old women who had been raped by a burglar in her home in Springfield, in 1985. Perrot, then 17, was put on trial, despite the absence of physical evidence tying him to the crime scene. There was no semen. There was no blood. And so there was no way to conduct a conclusive DNA test. But there was that strand of hair. At a key stage in the 1992 rape and burglary trial. A FBI agent named Wayne Oakes took the witness stand, he said Individual head or pubic hairs were distinctive, he told the court, to the extent that a well-trained specialist like himself could tell those from one person to another. Oakes …show more content…

Riverside County sheriff’s homicide detectives announced Tuesday that they have solved the 1977 murder of a Rubidoux bartender.Hair found clenched in the victim’s hand was recently sent to a private laboratory in Texas for DNA testing, a sheriff said.The DNA test showed that the hair belonged to Frank Wright, who died in 2002 from complications related to alcohol abuse, said Brown of the Riverside County sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit.ames Anagnos, who was known as “Jimmy the Greek,” was found dead Oct. 18, 1977 inside his bar at closing time, Brown said. Anagnos was stabbed 20 times with a steak knife and had been hit four times in the head with a big object Brown said, the cause of death was from injuries to his head.The hair was found clenched in Anagnos hand, and was believed to have come from the suspect, but the laboratory at the time was not able to match the hair samples to Wright who was 50 at the time of his death.Wright was identified as a suspect when detectives learned he was involved in an argument with Anagnos about an hour before the bar’s closing, according to Brown.The DNA test confirmed the hair found in Anagnos’ hand belonged to Wright, according to Brown. Thats how they solved a 30 year old

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