Ice And Fire Religion

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The series titled A Song of Ice and Fire created by George R.R Martin depict a fictional secondary world that does not have one official name. Instead, the world is divided into three distinctive continents, namely Westeros, Essos, and Sothoryos. Each of the continents represents very unique culture. However, the regions located on those three continents also differentiate from one another. For the purpose of this essay I would like to distinguish and analyse the main religions among the people of George Martin’s series in accordance with historical, cultural and geographical factors. In addition, I would like to mention in what way the aforementioned fictional religions correspond with various faiths and myths, which are to be found in the contemporary world. From the historical point of view, the first significant religion in Westros would be the belief in the Old Gods. It dates back to the times when no people inhabited Westeros. It was practiced by the so-called children of the forest, who were an enigmatic non-human race populating Westeros before the arrival of the first men. At the time of action portrayed in A Song of Ice and Fire, the old gods are worshipped mainly in the north of Westeros and beyond the wall – the part of Westeros which is not included…show more content…
The religion is chiefly spread throughout Essos but there are few worshippers of it in the Seven Kingdoms as well. It is based on the concept of dualistic approach towards the world where the Lord of Light symbolises heat and life, whereas his counterpart the Great Other is associated with ice and death. These two deities are connected with each other by the means of eternal fight over the fate of the world. This combat would only end with the arrival of Azor Ahai who according to the prophecies is bound to defeat the Great
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