George R. T. Hewess And The American Revolution

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“In a time of upheaval, ordinary people make events possible” (206). How does the perspective of George R. T. Hewes shape our understanding of the Revolution and its aftermath? Before we can answer this question, we must first examine who is George R. T. Hewes. George R. T. Hewes was a simple American man who played a great role in the American Revolution. Often times people who are influential in unprecedented events never really understand or know that they are a part of something great. I think this is the same situation that applies to George R. T. Hewes. Many situations that change things in history and create pivotal moments are not fully understood by its participants. When reviewing the recollection of George R. T. Hewes account of how the historical events played out with relation to the American Revolution, I find that there is a common thread between these occurrences. The common thread would be the atmosphere. On the brink of change in the history of America, and the world for that matter, there is always an atmosphere present conducive to immense change. Underlying events eventually lead to a big swell up of emotions, which in turn cause an explosion of some sort. With regard to the American Revolution, there had been several keys incidents that caused the atmosphere to become full of tensions and combustible. If we further exam the atmosphere of that time, we can further deduce the attitudes of the parties involved. After the French and Indian war, the

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