George R. T. Hewes Analysis

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“In a time of upheaval, ordinary people make events possible” (206). How does the perspective of George R. T. Hewes shape our understanding of the Revolution and its aftermath? Before we can answer this question, we must first examine who is George R. T. Hewes. George R. T. Hewes was a simple American man who played a great role in the American Revolution. Often times people who are influential in unprecedented events never really understand or know that they are a part of something great. I think this is the same situation that applies to George R. T. Hewes. Many situations that change things in history and create pivotal moments are not fully understood by its participants. When reviewing the recollection of George R. T. Hewes account of how the historical events played out with relation to the American Revolution, I find that there is a common thread between these occurrences. The common thread would be the atmosphere. On the brink of…show more content…
T. Hewes ' account of the Boston Massacre tells the tale of how the towns people were treated prior to this event. He talks about the treatment of the soldiers towards the colonists. They did many things that were advantageous and not fair. One incident he discusses is when an apprentice is not paid for the work that his master has called him to do for a soldier. This incident coupled with the numerous things that have happened during that time, incited the people and caused them to want to protest more vehemently. The apprentice boy along with many others went to the customs house to demand payment for the services the soldier had received. The soldiers then gathered more densely to get the towns people to disperse. The patriots and colonists stated that they had a right to be where they were and protest. The atmosphere had come to a boiling point. Under the direction of Capt. Thomas Preston, the soldiers fired out into the crowd. Five colonists were dead and the people of Boston were immediately ready for
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