Georges Braque's Culture: Influence Of Culture On Design

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Influence of culture on design An analysis essay on pre-1970 artist Georges Braque Student Name: Siu Man Yee Karen Student ID: 004GD013 Hong Kong Raffles Design Institute Course Title: 20th Century Design and Culture Lecturer: Julie Osen Date: November 5, 2015 Table of Content Introduction —————————————————————————— 3 Reasons behind the choice of artist ———————————————3 The context and cultural environment in which the artist was operating in ——————————————————————————————— 4-5 Georges Braque’s impact on his time ——————————————6 Six perspectives for analysing Georges Braque’s artworks —————6 5.1 Personal ————————————————————————7 5.2 Historical ————————————————————————8 5.3 Technical…show more content…
Researches about pre-1970 artists or designers were made. There are artists from medieval era, renaissance, mannerism, baroque, Neoclassical, romanticism, romanism and more. However, Georges Braque, who is a cubist french painter, his abstract work turned out to be the most interesting and appealing to me. In short, cubism is my favourite art movement. Other than that, I wanted to also explore more about an artist that is out of class-given examples. Therefore, I have decided to choose Georges Braque so that I will be able to explore more about cubism as…show more content…
Every object and building we see has an influence or has been influenced by cubism. We respond to the images and products we see around us. Some have a purely practical use others have been dressed up to appeal to our desires so much so that when the objects have been used they are then collected. This has fortunately for us enabled us to map our past. Power and status can be defined by the objects we possess. The designs we know of today really emerged in the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries when the profession of being a designer started as a commercial enterprise as modern goods became more complex and consumer demands increased the role of the designer became increasingly

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