George Rogers Clark Interview Script

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George Rogers Clark Interview Script

Timely Talk: With George Rogers Clark

Segment 1

Interviewer: Hello, my name is Libb Erty, and I am here with the one and only George Rogers Clark!

Crowd claps (really just audio recording).

George Rogers Clark (me) waves to the imaginary crowd and smiles.

Interviewer: You people know what time it is! It’s time for Rapidfire Really Getting To Know You Questions! Screen shows: Rapidfire Really Getting To Know You Questions. George, I will ask you five questions and you have to answer them as quick as you can! Ready, set, go! What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

George Rogers Clark: What’s ice cream?

Interviewer: Whoops! Who would you consider your arch-rival?

George Rogers Clark: It depends
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Of course, all of the animals that we would’ve eaten for food were driven into the hills by the floodwaters. Food was scarce.

Interviewer: How cold was the water?

George Rogers Clark: I don’t know, but the water was cold. It was very cold, almost as cold as King George’s heart.

Interviewer: Chuckles.

George Rogers Clark: We had to sleep on the wet, squishy ground at night. However, despite our circumstances, the men were in good spirits most of the time. The drummer boy would give us all a good laugh when he floated through the water on his drum. We had “feasts” of what little food we had. The drummer boy would play music for us for entertainment.

Interviewer: What songs did the drummer boy play?

George Rogers Clark: It would just depend on the night. Anyway, we finally made it to Fort Sackville. I thought Henry Hamilton would send home many men for the winter, and he did. We also noticed that there was plenty of space between the logs at the fort to shoot through. My men marched many times through with different flags to fool the enemy. They thought I had many more men than what I actually did.

Interviewer: How
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My men’s quick loading and re-firing of their muskets also made my army seem much larger. Hamilton soon surrendered. He then asked me where the rest of my men were since he could not believe my militia was so small. I proudly replied, “They stand before you.”

Interviewer: Amazing story, George. Earlier, you said you were most embarrassed about being bankrupt. May I ask where your money went?

George Rogers Clark: I meant what I was saying about my career. It is truly my life’s work. I spent every penny I had to expand America beyond the east. I have not been paid and neither have my men for our service. I am charged with the expenses of the battles I fought in.

Interviewer: Wow. That is sad. Is there anything else you want to say?

George Rogers Clark: I would like to say hello to my family and friends. Now that that is out of the way, I am done. Thank you, Libb
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