George Russell's Biography Essay

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The Life of George Russell Jr. George Russell was born in April, 1958 in Florida, USA. When he was 6 months old, his parents divorced and he stayed with his mother. Later on in 1964, his mother remarried to another man and moved to Seattle to live with her new husband, a dentist named Wonzel Mobley. In 1970, he was 12 years old and was starting to get in trouble with truancy, so he was given work around the Mercer Island Police Station. He then started to help the cops with robberies and was then considered an insider for the police. May of ’73, George Russell started to get in trouble again, and police then noticed he refuses to accept blame or responsibility; symptom of sociopath. He continued this way of behavior all the way through high…show more content…
But he ingratiated himself with the police by running errands for them, working as an informant, listening to cops’ personal problems. The local police station became Russell’s second home for a while; the police was his other family that he lives with. Eventually, Russell’s escalating crime, pathological lying, and in-your-face toying with the law destroyed the bond. The Mark of a Necrophilia There were aspects, seven in all, comprised a standard pattern that fits George Russell’s case, which were: 1. He left the victims in a place where they would be easily discovered in order to stun those who found them. 2. He posed the victims in a sexually degrading and vulnerable manner. 3. Reinforcing the concept of degradation, he placed in and on the victims sex toys and sexual propaganda 4. His crimes were committed within a small geographic area of which he was familiar. 5. He showed a steadily increasing ability to kill swiftly, without pause. This was indicated by the defense wounds or lack thereof on the
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