The Sense Of Beauty George Janina Analysis

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George Santayana was a Spanish American philosopher, writer, artist, and author. George Santayana was born on 16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain. He died on 26 September 1952 in Rome, Italy at 89 years old.He was well known as an American man of letters. He got his Ph.D in in philosophy from Harvard in 1889. He became famous for his novel "The Last Puritan", distributed in 1935. Santayana knew numerous dialects, and had inside and out information of writing and the historical backdrop of theory. His philosophy was impacted by Aristotle, Lucretius, and Spinoza. Santyana 's other essential philosophical works incorporate, "The Sense of Beauty", "The Life of Reason" (1905-06), "Doubt and Animal Faith" (1923) and "The Realms of
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Harmony also can determined as a relationship characterized by a lack of conflict or by agreement, as of opinion or interest. Absurdity is things extremely unreasonable. It is related to extremes in bad reasoning or pointlessness in reasoning. George Santayana points out in his book, ‘The Sense of Beauty’ that beauty as we feel it is something indescribable. This is because what it is or what it means, it can never be said. It suffuses an object without telling why nor it has any need to ask the question. A definition (of beauty) that should really define must be nothing less than the exposition of the origin, place, and elements of beauty as an object of human experience. On the other hand, we must learn from it, as far as possible, why, when, and how beauty appears, what conditions an object must fulfil to be beautiful, what elements of our nature make us sensible of beauty, and what the relation is between the constitution of the object and the excitement of our susceptibility. Beauty without pleasure is not beauty, and good with (the net effect of ) pain is not good. Both kinds of judgements are intrinsic in one respect and extrinsic in another. Harmony also is part of beauty that people thinks as an imagination, rather than reality. Harmony is defined by human experience towards something, that at the beginning was not suitable with them. But later on, learn…show more content…
Obrien. Jack has to face his father’s emotion. His father is an anger and strict person. Because of his father’s attitudes and emotion, it is effect Jack life which Jack rebel in his childhood life. Besides, because of the death of his brother make he cannot accept the reality of his brother’s death. This is shown when Jack becomes an adult, he’s still remembered his childhood memories with his brother, but along with intimacy Jack finally successful as an architect. For the Mr. Obrien character’s is shown that his sadness of the death of his son, R.L. He regrets all the things that he has done to his son. Because of the pressure that he feels, he punched his son face (Jack) with no reasons. Mr. Obrien also absurdity on his job. He’s lost his job and he gives advice to Jack about how to grow up and become a strong leader in the future, even though he is a strict person to his son. Besides that, the family shown as a typical middle class family, with the father (Mr. O’Brien) characterized as strict and the mother was the opposite, a lovely, kind mother. Therefore, his parents, both have intimacy in order to make Jack become a successful
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