George Santayana's The Last Purina

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George Santayana was a Spanish American philosopher, writer, artist, and author. George Santayana was born on 16 December 1863 in Madrid, Spain. He died on 26 September 1952 in Rome, Italy at 89 years old.He was well known as an American man of letters. He got his Ph.D in in philosophy from Harvard in 1889. He became famous for his novel "The Last Puritan", distributed in 1935. Santayana knew numerous dialects, and had inside and out information of writing and the historical backdrop of theory. His philosophy was impacted by Aristotle, Lucretius, and Spinoza. Santyana 's other essential philosophical works incorporate, "The Sense of Beauty", "The Life of Reason" (1905-06), "Doubt and Animal Faith" (1923) and "The Realms of Being". During his age when reach 48 years, Santayana left his accommodation at Harvard and return to Europe. George Santayana is very well-known with sentence implied, and deep that famous where often expressed by him. Among Santayana expressions that famous is Santayana is popularly known for his quotes, such as "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it“, "the deceased see brown ending" and more. In 1925, he received awards Royal Society of Literature Benson Medal, Columbia University Butler Gold Medal (1945), and Honorary degree from the University of Wisconsin, (1911).
In 1896, Santayana distributed his first philosophical work, "The Sense of Beauty". Besides, in 1907, he was selected a full Harvard educator. In

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