George Should Kill Lennie

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The topic im talking about is from Mice and Men written by John Steinbeck. My argument is George should have killed Lennie because Curley would have killed him anyway. My second reason is if George didn’t Kill Lennie he would have died a more slow and painful death. The other side of the argument is that they were very close friends and Lennie never did anything to get killed. My first reason George should have shot Lennie is that Lennie would have suffered because Curley would have only shot him in the gut and let him die slowly. My quote from the book is, "Don 't shoot 'im?" Curley cried. "He got Carlson 's Luger. 'Course we 'll shoot 'im." This quotes my first reason because Curley cried out why would I not kill Lennie he even has
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