George Should Not Have Killed Lennie's Death

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Have you ever thought of killing your best friend? No, no one does, that person is supposed to be your everything. In Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, a main character gets killed by his best friend. George had no reason to kill Lennie. Lennie did not mean to kill them on purpose.

One reason George should not have killed Lennie because everything that happened, was an accident. Lennie did not mean to kill Curley’s wife or the puppy. In the passage, Of mice and men, lennie says “I don’t want ta hurt you” (Steinbeck 91). This piece of evidence from the passage shows that Lennie did not mean to hurt Curley’s wife. Lennie only meant to keep her quiet , not kill her.

Another reason Lennie should not have been killed for what he did was because Lennie doesn't know his own strength. George should not have killed Lennie because he should of taught him that he is stronger, when the first accident happened in Weed. George should have taught Lennie how to control himself when he was little.
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However, George could have stood up for Lennie instead of killing him. There is other options other than immediately killing. Lennie was not very smart and George knew that, George was not thinking of Lennie he was thinking of himself. In the passage, Of Mice and Men, George says “He’s dumb as hell, but he ain’t crazy.” This shows that George knows that he is not stupid. George was his best friend and Lennie needed him. In Of Mice and Men, George should not have killed Lennie. George knew that Lennie needed him and that he should not have killed him. Lennie was dependent on George because he had always been around him. It was Georges responsibility to take care of Lennie. Aunt Clara asked George to watch after Lennie and he did for awhile but when Lennie needed him the most, he was not there for him. Why would anyone want to kill their best
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