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Born May 18, 1952 in a small Texas town called Poteet, George Strait began his life as a small town boy and worked up to be a Country Music Legend. Raised by a single father in the small Texas town, George was taught to ride horses and how to rope, like many country folk do, but late in life learned to play, write, and sing music. (Carlin) When George was in fourth grade his mother and father decide to get a divorce. After the divorce was finalized, his mother, whom is left unnamed in most resources, left the picture. Both George and his older brother Buddy was left to be raised by a John Strait, a junior high school teacher who is also their father, who dedicated his life to raising the boys after the divorce. School and ranching were big…show more content…
He fell in love with her and they began dating. Right after he graduated, Norma and George went to Mexico, where they eloped. George then started college at Southwest Texas State University. He attended classes for a few semesters but suddenly decided to join the Army before he graduated. The Army stationed George in Hawaii, and Norma moved to be with him not long after he was placed there. While he was in the Army, George began to learn how to play guitar and worked on singing. He is a self-taught guitarist. After the Army, George went back to school using the G.I. Bill, which allows service members to go to school free, to get his Agricultural Science Degree. He still continued his path of music. George pursued his music career in 1975. He became the lead singer of a band named “Ace in the Hole Band’. The band members that preformed with George had been in a band called “Stoney Ridge” up until a few weeks before they formed this new band with George, but they were missing their lead singer. They began playing in bars, and that was mainly the scene they played, until they booked a gig and preformed at Cheatham Street Warehouse in San Marcos, Texas. In 1976, the band had landed a record deal with one of the member’s father at his recording studio. This is when they started to become well
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