George W Bush 9/11 Speech Analysis

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Next, George W. Bush uses appeals to ethos to add credibility to himself as a President and number one supporter of the American people. Within the first couple lines of the speech, he addresses that “Presidents come to this chamber to report on the state of the Union,” however, this is not one those times, but it is his duty to address the attack that occurred on 9/11. This not only establishes why he is there, but also to recognize himself as the President of the United State or also known as most important person America. This convinces the American people that it is crucial to listen and believe what their leader is proclaiming. He then adds to his credibly by praising “Congress for its leadership at such an important time” and how they…show more content…
Along with the brutal attack, Americans and Congress will remember the heartfelt, well-organized speech President Bush delivered to the Joint session of Congress following the 9/11 attacks. His speech was not only to mourn the lives lost in on 9/11 but also to persuade and convince American citizens, including members of Congress, of the necessity and urgency of going to war against terrorism through rhetorical appeals such pathos, logos, and ethos. Firstly, he uses pathos to strike an emotional response in people not only be describing the monstrosity that took place but also the courage of ordinary American citizens against terrorists. By displaying them in such a manner, it encourages other citizens to want to be as brave and exterminate the individuals who took all of those lives. Secondly, he uses the appeal to logos by the way he structures his speech to show all the reasons why the United States should go to war, and including the steps he is willing to take against terrorists. Since he shows the logical side of going to war against terrorism, not only will the hearts of the citizens will want to group eliminated, but so will their minds. Next, President Bush uses ethos to establish creditably in himself as President and number on supporting of American citizens. By including appeals to creditability, the people will be more likely to pay more
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